Fangirl 7-9: You’re Just the Clark Kent

The most memorable thing about Abel is how terrible he is at breaking up with Cath. Stop talking about your new girlfriend Abel! No one cares what she got on the ACT.  And in the moment, the only defense Cath has for their relationship is that his grandma always makes tres leches cake for her birthday. Cath doesn’t cry about it until she’s with Wren, admitting that part of Abel’s appeal was that their relationship wouldn’t be like her parents’ and “if Abel ever got tired of [her, she’d] survive it,” (78). Cath, you’re breaking my heart.

I really like this scene between Cath and Wren. Wren is so sweet when she’s comforting Cath. It’s also interesting to see her interact with Levi and Reagan—in case you didn’t know by now, Wren is the friendly twin. But it bugs me that consoling Cath about her breakup is only a pit stop before Wren goes out. Sure, Cath and Abel’s relationship barely counted at this point, but it was real to Cath up until the very end.

With Abel officially out of the way, Cath can’t help but notice all of the boys around her—and Wren is more than happy to discuss how Cath could move on. But Cath isn’t “interested in lips out of context” (85), she’s too busy thinking about Nick. Of course Courtney (Ugh, Courtney) has the brilliant idea that they should drop by the library to meet Nick, which Cath quickly vetoes. I’m just trying to picture Wren and Courtney showing up at the library to check out Nick.  I imagine that they would pregame beforehand, attempt to hide in the stacks, and then giggle so loudly that Cath would have to make strained introductions. Nick would be making some nonchalant expression that he probably practices in the mirror.

Other Things

  • “Wren drunked at her” (74).  That’s perfect.
  • I don’t understand why Cath’s full name had to be Cather. Cath Wren, still sounds like Catherine. Cather just makes me think of catheter.
  • I love it when Levi smiles and Cath tells him “oh, put that away” (79), like he can turn the charm off. 
  • Agatha sounds awful and boring. I’d ship Simon and Baz too.
  • Why yes, I did listen to Call Your Girlfriend while working on this post.
  • I hate gravy and canned ravioli, so Gravioli sounds like a nightmare to me.
  • The Mom Bomb, yikes.

A Recommendation

Since Cath is obsessed with a fantasy series, I’m only going to recommend speculative fiction for this book. The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan is the first book in one of my absolute favorite trilogies. Nick, the quintessential mysterious loner dude, narrates the first book*. Nick, his brother Alan, and their unstable mother have been on the run from magicians for Nick’s entire life. Alan is a lot like Levi—affable and charming—but he has a limp from a wound he received during the escape that killed their father. Mae and Jamie come to the brothers for help after a strange symbol shows up on Jamie’s arm—Jamie has been marked by a demon and possession imminent. There’s romance, betrayal, a goblin market, awesome fight scenes, and lots of excellent snark.

*All three books are narrated by a different character, each one of them an interrogation of a stereotype in Y.A. lit. Mae, the pink-haired, manic-pixie-dream girl, narrates the second book, and Sin, the sexy biracial girl, narrates the third.

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5 thoughts on “Fangirl 7-9: You’re Just the Clark Kent

  1. I also love that scene in Cath’s room! Wren’s interactions with Reagan and Levi really give us insight into how the twins’ lives must have been before college, with Wren taking the lead socially, so Cath didn’t have to. I also really love how Reagan inexplicably hates twins. She just gets better on every reread.

  2. Christine says:

    I love how much Reagan hates twins, but my favorite part of these chapters is when Cath wonders, “do guys call them ‘bangs’?” I mean, do they? It’s a great question.

  3. mclicious says:

    okay, Emily, fine, I will finally read Sarah Rees Brennan already.

  4. mclicious says:

    Also, totally. Levi grossed me out a bit because I always just assumed he was calling her Catheter.

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