Fangirl 31-33: You know I’m falling in love with you, right?

Levi has been trying to get Cath up to his room—not in a creepy way. More in a “let’s get some distance from Reagan” way.  Cath is hesitant, mostly because she likes Levi too much and is afraid of getting carried away. After promising that Cath can set the pace, Levi makes a final plea: “Come home with me. I miss you. And I don’t want to say goodnight” (365). I mean, who could say no to that?

Cath’s plan is to hold Levi to his hands-off promise and take it slow. Unfortunately for her, Levi’s room is a perfect little love den. It’s at the tippy top of the house, “practically in the trees. Practically enchanted” (368). Up in the sexy eagle’s nest, Cath learns that while Levi genuinely likes her fanfiction, he really loves the effect it has on her. With something else to focus on, they can relax and snuggle on his shiny turquoise loveseat without any weirdness. Not wanting to break the spell, he asks her to keep reading, but Cath is ready to move forward without any distractions. She still wants to take it slow, but she knows she can trust Levi with her first time when she’s ready.

These chapters are almost entirely Levi goodness, but there is a little bit of twin sister re-bonding. Wren is back and Cath’s world is “right side up” again (384). It was so sweet to hear from Jandro that even when they were growing apart, Wren would still drop everything to read Carry On. Now that things have settled down between them, Wren can tease Cath about her ironic ability to write gay love scenes despite her real life inexperience. It’s light and sisterly instead of pointed and cutting. Cath finally feels safe sharing her love life with Wren, who seems so pleased that her sister has found someone who challenges and excites her. No more end tables for Cath. Levi is “bright and warm and crackling—he was a human campfire” (388). So he’s not a kitschy lamp, but I was on the right track.

Stray Thoughts

  • I like that we get a bit more insight into why Cath writes fanfiction. GTL doesn’t give Baz what Cath thinks he deserves, so she’s compelled to expand the character on her own terms.
  • Reagan’s inexplicable discomfort with twins continues. She literally can’t tell Cath and Wren apart and can hardly bear to see them together. “It’s like The Shining in here” (386).

A Recommendation

It’s hard for me to come up with a relevant recommendation this week because I’m in the middle of a Landline ARC!!!!!! You guys, getting back to Landline is pretty much all I can think about.

One thing I can say to connect it to Fangirl (without revealing anything, of course), is that I love how Rainbow Rowell writes physical descriptions of characters. They’re always imperfect and specific and very real. In Levi’s case (and in that of a certain Landline character), those details make him all the more dreamy. His slightly doughy chin, his receding hairline, his premature eye wrinkles, his expressive brows— these are all things you would note with affection if you were falling in love with someone.


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