Fangirl 34-36: I choose you over everyone

Empowered Cath is the best. Once, Cath would have allowed Nick to steamroll right over her, but not anymore. Cath doesn’t need to scream at Nick or accuse him of taking advantage of her. Nick blames Cath for the fact that he lost his teaching assistantship, but he did it all on his own. Cath being unruffled and gracious throughout their conversation just makes it harder for Nick to keep deluding himself. Cath also doesn’t need anyone to fight her battle, but it’s still nice to have backup/moral support. Rowell does such a great job with Wren, Reagan, and Levi’s reactions to the confrontation—Reagan plots like Snidely Whiplash, Wren oozes contempt (403), and Levi kills him with kindness.

Even though Wren is back in Cath’s life, she’s mostly kept Wren and Levi apart. Levi assumes that this separation has something to do with him—either Wren doesn’t like him or Cath is embarrassed of Levi’s humble upbringing and academic difficulties. Cath is of course flabbergasted by Levi’s theories. The real reason she doesn’t hang out with Wren and Levi at the same time is because she’s afraid it’s only a matter of time before Levi finds out that Wren is the prettier, better twin. Which is just as ludicrous as what Levi thinks. And once they realize they’re both being ridiculous they’re much too distracted to make omelets.

Wren understands Cath’s need to finish her version before Gemma T. Leslie, but Levi questions Cath’s motivations. School doesn’t come easy for Levi, and he doesn’t understand how Cath could waste her second chance. He asks Cath “did Gemma Leslie challenge you to a race?” (420), which underlines the futility of Cath’s determination to finish Carry On Simon before the last Simon Snow book comes out. It hurts, but Cath needed to hear it. She loves Simon and Baz, but they’ll wait; the end of the semester won’t.

Other Things

  • I love how Reagan deals with Nick—“Is this yours?” (402). But really Wren, is it necessary to comment on his old world looks? Play it cool.
  • Of course Reagan wants to live with Cath again! And Cath handles the awkwardness of Wren asking to be roommates so well. Living in the same dorm is a nice compromise. So many more opportunities for Reagan to be freaked out by the twin thing.

A Recommendation

I’m so excited because I just started Dreams of Gods and Monsters, the last book in a trilogy by Laini Taylor. Daughter of Smoke and Bone introduces Karou, a blue-haired human girl, who grew up in a demon’s shop in between worlds. Now she attends art school in Prague, but Brimstone, her chimera foster father, sometimes asks her to fetch teeth from across the globe from people who are unable or unwilling to come to the shop themselves. When Karou is suddenly cutoff from the only family she has ever known, she begins to uncover the truth of the centuries long war between the chimera and seraphim.

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One thought on “Fangirl 34-36: I choose you over everyone

  1. Heather says:

    I love seeing these posts. Can’t wait for Rainbow Rowell’s next book to come out!

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