Attachments 1-5: Lincoln didn’t crochet

It’s time for Attachments! It’s 1999 and having an email address is still a novelty. We’ve got Jennifer Scribner-Snyder and Beth Fremont, best friends who work at the same newspaper and exchange frequent emails. And then there’s Lincoln, the hapless IT guy who has to monitor everyone’s email.

I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately and Beth and Jennifer’s relationship reminds me a lot of Lorelei and Sookie. I see it in the way they banter with each other, which makes sense because Rainbow Rowell loves to write dialogue. I love the way Jennifer talks about thinking she’s pregnant, particularly “instead of cramps, I feel this strangeness in my womb region. Almost a presence.” (2) And the way the Beth habitually indulges the Jennifer’s pregnancy hysteria, but only to a point. And of course Jennifer is willing to set aside her own concerns when Beth’s younger sister gets engaged and needs to talk about Chris, the noncommittal live-in boyfriend. Just to be clear, I think 2 a.m. stomach poems sound like the worst. I don’t want anyone writing on my stomach and I certainly don’t want anyone waking me up at 2 a.m. to share said poem.

Poor Lincoln, he still lives with his mom, the only girlfriend he talks about is an ex, and he hates his job. His mom seems pretty great—I mean, she subscribed to Ms.—but living with your mom when you have a full time job is never the dream. Especially when your fulltime job makes you miserable. Part of me is very intrigued by the prospect of reading everyone’s email—I’m very nosy. But I don’t think I could handle the pressure, specifically everyone knowing that I was monitoring the emails. And if the nature of Lincoln’s job isn’t isolating enough, he works off hours, in an empty part of the building. I have also succumbed to the lure of a non-dream fulltime job with benefits, but at least I work regular hours and have wonderful coworkers.

Other Things

  • I think I would hate the late night component of Lincoln’s job the most. When Anna and I worked late night shifts at the library, I did nothing but complain. And when I worked in restaurants and had to close, I would always get very punchy.
  • I’m so excited to read more about Kiley and Brian’s wedding.

A Recommendation

If you love the chapters with Beth and Jennifer’s emails, you should check out Meg Cabot’s intertwined, post-modern epistolary novels—Boy Next Door, Boy Meets Girl, and Every Boy’s Got One. The characters in these books also work at a newspaper. The books are funny, light, and romantic. My favorite is Every Boy’s Got One, because it involves eloping to Italy .

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2 thoughts on “Attachments 1-5: Lincoln didn’t crochet

  1. I love the comparison to Loreali and Sookie! I totally see it. Maybe our next blog should be a review of Gilmore Girls episodes. (Are we just going to have blogs for the rest of our lives? Yes.)

    Also, can you EVEN IMAGINE waking up while someone was writing a poem on you? I know that isn’t what happens but yeeesh. I could see being swept up in that when I was 20, but not now, and never again.

  2. Christine says:

    You’re totally right about the Gilmore Girls thing! And I always imagined Jennifer as Melissa McCarthy. The line about the “presence” is one of my favorites and it sounds like a Sookie thing to say.

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