Attachments 11-15: This is a terrible place to meet people

Lincoln feels like going out for a change, which is probably a sign of progress.  Maybe eavesdropping on someone else’s friendship is making it harder for him to ignore how poorly socialized he is. The bar he and Justin end up at, The Steel Guitar, sounds truly terrible, but it’s still a good step for Lincoln. Going “where the girls go” (49), no matter how ridiculous that place is, at least gives him a little practice talking to people again. Interestingly, his discomfort with the venue pushes him to show more personality and spark than we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, it’s a bit much for Lisa, who gently excuses herself. I LOVE Lincoln. Seriously, I love Lincoln like Anna loves Levi, but his little outburst about the bar/dating scene would have made me uncomfortable, too. He might have been able to save it with the garden exchange though. That was hilarious.

Beth and Chris’ story reminds me that college is pretty much the least terrible place to meet people. So much can happen at the Student Union! As we discussed in a lot of the Fangirl posts, you have to actively try not to meet people in college. Beth had all the time in the world to orchestrate run-ins with her crush. The year of dating that followed could unfold without any urgency; it was allowed to be unpredictable and directionless (but, like, in a sexy way). You guys, I miss college so much sometimes. Anyway, the story of how they met is adorable, but as for how Chris actually is as a boyfriend. . . I’m with Jennifer on this one. Chris would make me insane. All the things that made him intriguing and mysterious in college make him an infuriating, unreliable life partner.  And I have to admit, I’ve never really been into moody musician types. “Are you rolling your eyes yet?” (58). Yes, I am. Please do not slip a leaf under my door as a romantic surprise. A LEAF.

On the WebFence front, Lincoln is increasingly self-aware. He fully admits to his growing affection for these two and recognizes the way that it’s clouding his judgment. Since he knows Jennifer and Beth’s conversations are harmless and it would be weird to issue a warning at this point, Lincoln concludes that he should stop reading their emails altogether. So we’ll see how that goes.

Stray Thoughts

  • Justin is a 1999 version of Jean-Ralphio.
  • 1999: when bra straps were an integral part of your outfit! Remember those detachable patterned ones?
  • Jennifer’s email about her mother tells us so much about her. That particular mother-daughter dynamic is so fully drawn in less than two pages. It’s very impressive.

A Recommendation

In Gayle Forman’s Just One Day, serious, college-bound Allyson goes on a post-graduation European tour.  There she meets Willem, a free-spirited Dutch actor who persuades her to abandon her tour group and its tight itinerary.  Their whirlwind romance and Willem’s artsy, bohemian charm (and aversion to commitment) remind me of Beth and Chris’ younger years. A sequel, Just One Year, was released this fall. It continues the story from Willem’s perspective. He’s definitely the type to write a poem on your stomach or slip a leaf under your door.

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One thought on “Attachments 11-15: This is a terrible place to meet people

  1. I love the Justin-Jean Ralphio comparison. Also, I’m excited that my love of Levi is being held up as a standard for really loving a fictional character. -A

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