Attachments 21-25: October, baptize me with leaves!

Merry October! I love Beth’s speech about the month that begins Chapter 25.  As I said to Christine on the phone, it reminds me of the scene in You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks tells Meg Ryan he wants to buy her a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.  Like possibly everyone, I love fall.  I love this speech!  Just as Lincoln is more attracted to Beth through the conversations, I’ve always loved Jennifer much more.  I love her Baby Gap addiction (mostly because, real talk, I have one, too. I don’t want babies but I love overpriced baby clothes!  Thankfully, I have a niece who I can buy tiny jumpers and jackets and dresses for) and I just think if we met, we’d be incredibly close friends.  But here, I love Beth most.  I especially love that she’s in such a good mood because she wasn’t having a great day and October cheered her out of it.  I like this attitude.  I like that she starts off with her love for October and eventually gets to her problems with Chris.   It’s like when you have a terrible morning so you put “Crazy in Love” on repeat on your ipod and by the third time, you’re so happy, mostly because of the comparison of your moods and your own ability to change it.  

In these chapters, we also see the sweet, romantic sides of both Beth and Lincoln.  When you read or watch romantic comedies, the two people you want together aren’t together for the majority of the time.  Sometimes they don’t get together at all.  So while we always infer that they have the same happily ever after plans, we never really know it.  Here, we see Beth and Lincoln as gushing, sweet, romantics who want nothing more than white-picket endings.  Lincoln loves the idea of a first love.  Beth loves the idea of being a stay-at-home mom with a dentist husband.  They want simple and true.  My love of female friendship makes the Beth-Jennifer relationship the real swoony one for me in this story, but these chapters make me start to get pretty swoony about Beth and Lincoln.

What else? What else!

  • Lincoln’s remembrances of high school and Sam are like a sneak peek into the Rainbow Rowell YA-mastery of 2013.
  • I love the idea that everyone in the news room wears glasses.  One of my friends was the editor of our college’s newspaper and sometimes I would go visit her at the office, and it seemed like a pretty great place to be.  They had adorable grammar signs on the wall!  
  • My parents may have once had an “addicted to school” conversation with me.  

A recommendation: I have been reading so many YA novels now that my semester is over AND listening to even more of them as audiobooks while working at City Hall.  Unfortunately, all of the books that I’ve read were previously recommended to me on this website by Emily.  I will tell you that my favorite was Anna and the French Kiss, which you must immediately read, and the best audiobook was the first of E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series, The Boyfriend List.  The voice acting in it is so great.  Instead, I will suggest that you watch You’ve Got Mail and listen to my favorite fall songs (both those about fall and those I listen to in fall): Autumn SweaterAll Too WellThe Walking SongIt Might As Well Rain Until SeptemberHey, That’s No Way to Say GoodbyeSuburban WarSons and DaughtersOn the Radio, and You Are What You Love. (I probably should have just made you an autumn songs mix.  Maybe someday.)

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