Attachments 31-35: maybe I’m ripening

We finally get to hear more about Lincoln and Sam’s relationship, specifically their breakup. Sam is the worst. Of course their relationship ends because she cheats on Lincoln. And Lincoln, hanging out in the back of the theater while your girlfriend rehearses is such soon-to-be-dumped boyfriend behavior. Lincoln’s goodbye note to Sam is so sweet. It’s bad enough that she’s cheating on him, but then he has to catch her in action. Sam and Marlon won’t even let Lincoln make a quick escape. Poor crying Lincoln.

Lincoln doesn’t tell people about his breakup with Sam. He tried to tell Justin about it once, but Justin is not the confidant type. This event radically altered his life and to discuss it with other people would belittle it. Talking about breakup with someone would give the other person an opportunity to tell his or her own breakup stories, and make Lincoln’s something common and mundane. Lincoln doesn’t want to share his experience; he wants to wallow.

Other Things

  • I should have a section devoted to Midwestern things that make me happy in Rainbow’s books. This week it’s Village Inn! And that people who have never lived here always think it’s quaint and funny.
  • I love imagining Lincoln’s mom confront Sam’s mom at the grocery store.
  • A personal shower—yikes.
  • Jennifer is pregnant!!
  • I like seeing Lincoln’s family in action. The entire chapter cracks me up.

A Recommendation

No book makes having a rocker boyfriend more appealing to me than This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. Remy is not interested in romance–her mother’s five marriages make it hard to see the appeal. Remy dates, but she doesn’t get attached. She definitely doesn’t date musicians, until Dexter. To be clear, Dexter is nothing like Chris—he’s warm, affable, and goofy.

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