Attachments 36-40: My Very Cute, Kind, and Compassionate — and Also Sort of Funny — Guy

Finally!  Lincoln gets a small victory in these chapters when Beth’s Cute Guy’s identity is confirmed.  I like that the following chapter is just No, no, no.  I like that he’s overwhelmed by the news.  When I first read the book, I think I suspected he was the Cute Guy when he mentioned fixing a computer for the guys in ads, but I was definitely excited at the reveal both then and now.  You’re handsome, Lincoln!  Women think you look like the Brawny towel man!  What a high compliment.

This bright spot for Lincoln is very necessary for the readers after the devastating chapters of his break-up with Sam.  Their conversation at the park makes me so sad — his desperation mixed with his knowing acceptances just makes it that much more heartbreaking.  Rowell (it feels too formal to call her by her last name, but it feels dismissive not to.  I don’t know) perfectly captures those moments in the breakup when you crave the physical intimacy, while knowing it will still feel hollow.  Lincoln knows he could kiss Sam in those moments, but then when he does, it’s not what he wants.  He can’t settle for I love you or for always.  She’ll never be able to give him as much as he wants again.

But back to cheerier back half of the chapters.  Even though it does contain reference to a dog’s death, I always assume Lincoln’s sweet interest in the conversation with Dorris is one of the things that Christine swoons over.  He’s just such a nice guy!  The kind of guy who you know will be eager to meet your friends and go to dinners with your family.

Other Things

  • I am the Beth of City Hall.  I don’t try to work so much later than everyone else, but knowing that I don’t have to be in at a certain time means I always sleep in at least 30 minutes more than I should and take extra time in the morning and sometimes take a long lunch to walk through the Common and back.  Then, there I am, working until at least 6:00 when everyone has left by 4:30 or 5:00.
  • There wasn’t enough Jennifer and Beth in my chapters, confirming that, although I love swooning more than most things, I in this one for the friendship.

A Recommendation

Do you want to read a novel that also has a sad scene where one half of a couple thinks their love is enough for a great life and the other doesn’t?  Great news, I have the super sad Me Before You by Jojo Moyes to recommend.  If you want to be incredibly emotionally destroyed, start it only two days after seeing The Fault in Our Stars.  But actually, while sad, it’s really great.  Curl up with it during the next summer thunderstorm.

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3 thoughts on “Attachments 36-40: My Very Cute, Kind, and Compassionate — and Also Sort of Funny — Guy

  1. Heather says:

    I absolutely adore the chapters where they’re just realizing who Lincoln is. I laugh so hard when they’re just “I think I met him”. Can’t wait for Landline to come out!

  2. Yes! I can’t wait for Landline! Christine has already read an ARC of it, and I’m so, so jealous. – A

  3. Christine says:

    Anna, I do swoon over Lincoln’s kindness. He’s a sweet, handsome man who never got the memo that he’s handsome. That’s the dream! And all dogs should live forever, so the Jolene conversation was a little dark for me. No thanks.

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