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Anna first read Eleanor and Park after the killer one-two combination of praise from Linda Holmes and John Green and has loved and endlessly and loudly recommended Rainbow Rowell’s novels to anyone and everyone ever since.   She is a part-time writing instructor and part-time reference librarian in Boston, who loves, more than most things, sweater dresses, Diet Coke, feminism, and novelty necklaces.  Rainbow Rowell has filled the Nora Ephron-shaped hole in her heart, and she is eternally grateful for that.

Christine is a librarian who just moved from Boston to western Massachusetts for a job, narrowly missing the chance to meet Rainbow Rowell at a book signing. A lovely, thoughtful friend got her a signed copy of Fangirl for Christmas, in which Rainbow wrote “We shall meet one day.” Christine hopes Rainbow is right about that.

Emily went to library school with Anna and Christine in Boston and has since returned to Minnesota, her homeland. One of the highlights of her 2013 was seeing Rainbow Rowell speak in St. Paul. Rainbow wrote delightful things in all of Emily’s books, but the best inscription (in Attachments)  reads “Now that you have all 3 of my books, I feel like we’re practically engaged.” Aside from reading YA novels and blogging about it, Emily also enjoys cooking, wearing dresses, and listening to the radio at work.

Anna and Emily blogged about Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series at Reading Jessica Darling.  Read about their previous adventures in close reading novels and swooning over their romantic leads.


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